LED Christmas Tree Lights Guide


Christmas is a festival of lights, and it is all about decoration and making everything look super vibrant and colourful. LED Christmas lights, similarly are a great decoration piece that decorates the Christmas tree and around extremely well.

LED Christmas lights are a decoration item beyond an energy-saving option. Offering a vibrant coloured look along with great durability, it serves as the ideal light decoration option for Christmas. There are varied lights to choose from and LED and incandescent lights are although a lot similar, however, they are still different in their kinds.

Types of Christmas tree lights:

Wide Angle Mini lights

These lights are designed in the shape of a cone and radiate a lot more light than any other variety. It blends effortlessly in the surrounding and lights up your Christmas like no other.

LED Rope lights

LED rope lights are another kind of LED Christmas light that is ideal for decorating windows or doorways. One can even decorate the walkways with it as these can be used for creating some marvelous designs. Create any shape you want with the LED lights.

LED projection spotlights

The spotlights do not need any installation and are the best timesaving alternative to their counterpart string lights. These can be simply plugged in any outlet while pointing them anywhere of your choice. For example, you can point them towards any outdoor tree.

Mini Christmas Lights

These lights are the most common type of Christmas light where the bulb looks like a well-pointed tip. This mini lights can be used for decorating any part of the home, especially the garden. Head over to whitestores.co.uk to view a large collection of high quality LED lights.

LED string lights

By offering exceptional performance, it has emerged to be the favourite among the users. It also manages to be extremely low cost and thus is a favourite among one and all.

Apart from the above mentioned LED lights, there are several other that is useful for Christmas lighting. LED lights are popular for being cost saving option, but they offer a myriad of benefits other than just that.

Benefits of LED lights:

  • Can connect a number of light strings

About 8 to 10 times more lights strings of LED can be connected together with the help of just one plug outlet. On the other hand, a traditional Christmas light connects about just 4 to 5 sets which are nothing when compared to the LED ones. It lets you connect more than 40 to 50 lights depending on the count of the light. This helps to ease out large Christmas displays.

  • Does not produce any heat

LEDs do not produce any heat, thus can be touched anytime. This makes them safe to be touched anytime and every time by animals or children.

  • Brighter than incandescent

LED bulbs produce a lot brighter light that makes it more colourful than the traditional lights. The output is great, which makes these lights stand out from the rest.

  • Long life

LED Christmas tree lights to offer long life and can last a lifetime which is a lot when compared to its counterpart that typically lasts only a season or two.

  • Advanced technology

You can avail LEDs in a variety of colours along with a multitude of varieties. These also feature unique capabilities of the display which can be dimmed and changed colours as per needed. The latest LEDs are available in the market offer several colour combinations.

Roof lights

LED Christmas lights can be a great d├ęcor piece for decorating the roof of a house. The lights can be put on the outline of the roof, making the roof sides look attractive. It is also a great way to pinpoint your house from far away.

Wrapped on trees

The LED lights can be wrapped in and around an empty tree, making the empty tree look full of lie. These lights breathe life to the trees that sparkle your home and around. You can also wrap them around a full grown tree.

Decorating bushes

The LED Christmas lights can also decorate the bushes in your garden in a beautiful manner. Mini LED lights are ideal for this purpose. Decorate your house bushes with the lights and invite your friends over for a gala Christmas Eve Party.

Christmas Tree

Christmas lights can be decorated anywhere, but nothing beats decorating Christmas trees. Decorate the tree using any type of Christmas tree as discussed above and make your tree stand apart from the rest.


LED Christmas tree lights are thus a great decoration piece for enhancing the look of your Christmas tree and home. Make your Christmas a brighter one this year with the help of affordable and high quality LED lights available online. Grab the latest offers and discounts running online.