How to layer your necklace like a fashion blogger?


The necklace is one of the most essential pieces of jewelry that looks great with any outfit and certainly quirkes up the style quotient if worn properly. The fashion of layering necklaces is completely in trend right now and you too should experiment with the same if you already have not done that. In case you are looking for beautiful and latest necklace designs, then check out where you would get to browse from a wide variety of options and select the one that would be best for you. Furthermore, here are some of the ways in which you can layer the necklace pieces just like a fashion blogger:

1. Body chain with necklace

Body chains are one of those types of jewelry that have a bold and stylish look. If you are someone who is not sure about wearing them in a certain way or an outgoing one who loves to experiment, give them a try anyhow. These are easy to style and look quite fashionable when you wear them with your outfit. Try this necklace with V-necks, crop top, and dresses that you wear during a dine out.

2. Minimalist choker and dainty necklace

Combining these two elements would give a chic and minimalist look and you can don them for a cool and easy appearance. Although these look simplistic but given a classic appearance when they are paired with the choker.

3. Pendant necklaces

If you would be wearing sweaters or knitted dresses, then it would be best to wear pendant necklaces that give a delicate, stylish and modern look. As it is evident that you cannot wear revealing jewelry during the winter months, it would be better that you try out this piece to add a touch of quirk. These layered necklaces look best on cardigans and V-neck sweaters and can be worn in golden or silver colors. As the pendants are available in a variety of designs, these can be picked up according to your taste and styling.

4. Lariat necklaces

Lariat necklaces are a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn with almost every outfit. They are discreet and chic all at the same time and can be paired with the choker or a dainty necklace to add a fashionable element. Moreover, as they are currently in the trend, you should definitely own them for a full-layering effect. These look perfect with the V-neck tops however you can don them with any outfit.

5. Long layered necklace

Long layered necklaces look great with an open back top and provide a creative, artsy, and feminine look that look extremely beautiful. You can use these necklaces with single and layered necklaces and can pull off the style with almost every kind of dress including casual wears, night-out outfits, wedding dresses and many more.

6. Detailed necklaces

The detailed and bold necklaces add up to the quirk if you are wearing one-toned t-shirts or dresses. These particular designs give a daring style to the outfit that you can choose to wear and would make you stand out in the fashion scene.  If you are not used to wearing such pieces, you might find them a bit tacky, but they would certainly work well if you wear them properly with the right outfit. Pick up the colors of the necklaces that go well with your outfit and you would be good to go.

7. Pearl pendants

A layered pearl necklace looks great if you want to get the classic look in your outfit. You can either choose the bigger and bold layers of pearls over a black dress or the lighter ones if you are going with a more casual outfit.  This particular style is usually worn during special occasions such as when you are going for an opera show or a more formal event.

8. Beaded layered necklaces

If you are headed out for a rather chilled out holiday and want to maintain the quirk quotient, then you should definitely try these beaded necklaces for boho look. Pick up different coloured pieces with details such as pompoms or feather and layer them together in three or four numbers to complete the look.

9. Old and new mix

If you have old pieces lying around in your house, then you can combine them with the new ones to bring out something new altogether. Layer up two or three pieces together in different lengths and you can wear them on V-neck tops and tank tops to spice up your outfit.  You can even wear a choker with these pieces and make out an entirely new piece that would go well with your western outfit.