Where do you start putting the Christmas tree lights?


As you start feeling the chills in the winds, you know December, the time for holidays is very near. Cooking a whole turkey, getting your grand mother’s recipe of the stuffing right, the perfectly baked cake, and fudgy chocolate cookies by your mother and decorating the Christmas tree with your family are a few things everyone looks forward to, with the arrival of the annual holiday season. And, mastering each of the above takes years of practice, a little patience, and some planning.

Decorating Christmas Trees is an art that requires you to go with your creative mind than anything else. There are a lot of different ways in which one can decorate their perfect Christmas tree, but in the end, it all depends on the individual’s personal preference as to how they would like their Christmas tree to look. Today, Christmas tree lights come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. From white candle lights to colorful LED lights and, incandescent lights there are all types of light flooding the markets. Irrespective of the fact which light you prefer, the technique of putting up Christmas tree lights on your Christmas tree remains the same.

Start by checking for the obvious

No one likes a fully illuminated tree with bulbs here and there not working. It creates a gap that is not very sightful. So before you start dressing up your Christmas tree, check each and every single string of lights you have from the previous year. Depending on the size of your Christmas tree, check whether you have the right number of lights or lights. A few extra won’t do any harm, but if you have fewer lights than the required number of lights, it is best to go and get a new set.

Set up your extension cord

Ensuring that every string of the lights come down under from the back of the tree, in an area where it is not easily visible to the eyes. Now carefully plug the ends into the extension cord while checking for any loose ties. Once you plug your lights, install the extension cord inside a timer or some foot-controlled system. The available solutions are highly recommendable and are better when compared to crawling under or behind the tree to turn on or off the Christmas tree lights.

Starting to hang the lights

Start by wrapping the lights from the bottom of the tree. It becomes really easy to decorate a Christmas tree if you have another person helping you out. Especially while wrapping the tree, it is much easier when you have another person standing behind the tree to help you out with the backside. To achieve a more natural look, avoid making any obvious patters or spirals around the tree. Instead try putting up the lights in any random pattern where some are tucked deeper inside the tree, and some are on the top. This creates a more gradient look that has depth.

Hide the unsightly plugs deeper into the branches of the trees so that they are not visible. Wrap little floral wires around the cord and the branches of the tree where the lights do not sit the way you want them to. If your Christmas tree has branches drooping or is simply not blending in well and is very unattractive, clip the branch from the backside of the tree to remove it. While clipping, make sure that your hands are steady, and you do not cause any damage to the rest of the tree.

Very patiently weave in and out the lights through the branches of the tree from the front to all the way back. Also, keep in mind to wrap the lights from the inners of the tree while working all the way out to the outer most branches of the tree. This method will create an inner glow that seems randomly natural and provides wonderful visual effects.

It takes time and patience to finally achieve the magical fairy tale Christmas tree that we all so love

That is true. Taking time to light up your Christmas tree will only ensure that you have no dead zones, and every ugly plug is neatly tucked away. Wrapping the lights in the insides of the Christmas tree will also ensure that your Christmas tree ornaments glow evenly from all the corners.

Who doesn’t want their Christmas tree to look beautifully magical? It takes the union of the perfect tree with the right kind of lights and other decorations to finally get the desired look. And of course, how you hang the Christmas tree lights is also crucial. Check out whitestores.co.uk for all your lighting needs. Find the widest range of the brightest colorful illuminating lights and other decorating items. This is your one-stop solution to all your decoration needs.

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