How to choose an individual voluntary arrangement provider


What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)?

The Individual Voluntary Arrangement can be considered as an agreement that takes place formally and in a legal way with proofs that take place where one needs to communicate with their creditors. The main purpose is paying off all of the debts that were made in a specific amount of time period. There will be an insolvency practitioner who will be setting up the IVA, mainly a highly qualified lawyer or accountant who has good quality experience over such stuff.

Here, we are going to discuss how to choose such an Individual Voluntary Arrangement provider.

Why does one need an Individual Voluntary Arrangement provider?

There are some people who actually do not need the service of an IVA provider but still end up using it. So, before getting started, one needs to know some basic factors on which the necessity of the IVA will depend. These factors are mainly one’s personal circumstances, the debts they owe at that moment, the income one can make in a certain amount of time barring the expenditure and the knowledge to set up an IVA rightly.

How can one set up an Individual Voluntary Arrangement?

There is no way an Individual Voluntary Arrangement can be set up by one single person alone. The requirement for an insolvency practitioner is a must when setting up the IVA. They will be playing a vital role as in taking the main IVA proposal in one’s behalf to all the creditors in question. Since the insolvency partners are highly qualified lawyers or accountants with experience as mentioned before, they will find it easier to do such tasks.

Choosing an Individual Voluntary Arrangement provider

Basically finding an IVA provider is finding a good insolvency partner. There are various authorized centers that provide IVA providers, whether in person or online. Apart from that, there are local official receiver’s offices which provide insolvency practitioners or IVA providers as well. However, before choosing one final IVA provider, there are a few things that have to be kept in mind such as-

  1. The total expenditure including the costs and the fees

One can never be sure as how much the actual cost may be required when dealing in such matters. Only experience will able to tell an estimate as what should be the benchmark to consider a cost high or low. For starters, they have to learn by comparing the costs of hiring different IVA providers and find the ideal deal. One can easily contact a lot of IVA providers or insolvency practitioners and ask them about the total cost and fees that are required to set up an IVA along with the fees they charge. When such information about a lot of people is gathered, one can easily compare which one is the cheapest. But one has to also keep in mind the quality of the service received. Therefore, the best deal would be getting the best out of the money spent.

  1. Meeting the IVA provider

When the preliminary stage comes of setting up the IVA, one needs to have a meeting with their IVA provider to sort out the actual need for the IVA at present. Such meetings need not be face to face, they can be done through video calls or phone calls as well, but face to face meetings are still prioritized. After the meeting, one will be clear with their decision of hiring an IVA provider or not. Once the decision to go on with it is taken another meeting will be required from which the official setting up of the IVA will take place.

  1. Taking the help of a debt management company

The usage of a debt management company is not really required to set up an IVA. However, with the help of one, it may be easier to set up the IVA. There are various such companies who do provide such service, but most of them charge an amount as well. A good IVA provider will be able to help you find the debt management companies that provide their advices without any extra payment from your part. There will obviously be some understanding between the IVA provider and the debt management company, but you need not to be concerned with it. After all, you are getting their advices and references for free! A good insolvency practitioner or IVA provider will be able to help you find such companies and even get the best out of them. So, definitely go for such IVA providers.

A good IVA provider will let you know whether you actually need it right now or if you do need it, what are the various options available. A good IVA provider will also ensure that their clients read and understand the terms and conditions of their service completely. So, such an IVA provider must be given preference.

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How to Finish Rattan Outdoor Furniture?


You have decided to decorate your outdoor space with impressive furniture set. But did you consider the essential factors before buying your exterior furniture? Installing a cube set in your veranda and updating your living room with the beautiful sofa set are two different concepts. Despite the type and material of furniture you are installing in your outdoor space, your furniture will be more prone to premature deterioration than your indoor furniture. The temperature and overall environment of your outer space are relatively harsh than your indoor space.

Your outdoor furniture tends to receive harmful UV rays all throughout the day, the snowy and rainy climate (if you’re residing near hilly area), and other such weather elements that are sufficient to damage your favorite sofa set. Even if your furniture material is robust enough to handle unstable weather, what about other environmental elements such as pollen, dust, and dirt carried by wind? Whether you have bought a wood dining table at or you are planning to install metal furniture in your patio, make sure to give it a finishing touch to preserve it from the harmful environmental effects. What exactly does this ‘furniture finishing’ means? Fret not! Here we’ve listed steps following which you can enhance the beauty of your sofa while ensuring its protection.

  1. Check if Your Furniture Need Repair

There is no point of inspecting your newly purchased Rattan outdoor furniture, but if you are using your traditional furniture, inspection is necessary. Make sure to go through every single edge of your material and see if there is any loose screw, loose-fitting part, or deteriorated material that requires quick repair. Depending on the extremeness of the damage, you might either require gluing and fixing the loose parts or replacing the damaged materials with new parts. If you are having wood furniture, you may find damaged wood and holes around the edges and other areas. While holes could be fixed using putty, damaged wood will need to be replaced.

  1. Remove Old Finish

Again, this step isn’t applied to the new furniture. Most indoor furniture has conventional paint. In some cases, the paint looks good and goes well with your outdoor theme but it is flaked and peeled, while other times, your paint looks brand-new but the shades don’t complement your patio theme. And unless you are fine with setting up the cube sets that looks contrasting to your patio theme, you shouldn’t think twice before grabbing your paintbrush and applying a decent color that enhances the beauty of your space. Do not forget to put on gloves and a respirator or face mask for security purpose. Prior to painting your favorite color on cube sets, make sure you have removed the old varnish. Using a paint remover or varnish, remove the old paint. If required, you can use sandpaper and gently sand the wood furniture to rid it from the old paint. Once done, apply your favorite color to your furniture and allow it some time for drying.

Your paint should not only look adorable but it should be sturdy enough to resist harmful environmental elements. The high-quality paint is capable to block the entrance of sun rays and moisture; hence you should apply premium exterior primer coated with latex oil on your outdoor furniture. Searching for a more reliable option? Go for Spar varnish as it offers relatively better protection than latex oil.

  1. Coat Your Furniture

Just like how paint decorates and brings life to your outdated and dead furniture set, a weatherproof coating can prolong its life. Yes, you read it right! If you are planning to move your indoor furniture outdoor to boost the aesthetic of your exterior space, don’t forget to apply a strong and thick weather-proof coating on the surface of the furniture to preserve it from unstable climate and environmental elements. Do you know how hazardous UV rays are? Not only is it dangerous to human skin but the same could affect your furniture material too (be it wood, metal, oak, teak, and cedar). Your negligence can result in the complete deterioration of your favorite dining table that you moved outdoors to spend dinner time with your loved ones.

The weather-elements could splinter, corrode, and ruin your furniture material. In fact, you might end up seeing your beautiful furniture set tearing apart gradually. Worry not! If you are looking for tips to extend the life of your furniture and make it look brand-new for years, there can’t be a better option than coating the weather-proof sealant on it.

So what are you waiting for? Having read this post, you might have planned how you are going to finish your outdoor furniture. If you really wish to prolong your furniture’s life and enhance its aesthetic, follow these tips and get a stunning outdoor patio set.

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