Top reasons millennials are renting furniture


The life of millennials is quite busy involving lots of work and moving around shifting places along with the furniture in their houses. Furniture rental is one of the best things that the millennials can opt for if they happen to shift places more than often. Here are some of the reasons because of which the millennials are renting furniture:

1. You do not have to spend on logistics

For people who have regular jobs, internships, and need to do voluntary work, moving across the cities or even countries can sometimes be very cumbersome. With the furniture, it becomes too difficult to carry it from one place to another. Renting the furniture can be a better option in that case as you can send the furniture back whenever you want and get back new designs at a new place. Also, if you get bored with the old furniture quite frequently, then you should definitely rent it out instead of purchasing the furniture permanently. You can find furniture on rent on several websites where you can compare the prices and choose the one that suits you the best. In addition to that, you would also get the delivery at your doorstep. The online websites are somewhat ideal when it comes to the reduction of furnishing problems as you get the right kind of furniture delivered at your doorstep.

2. It becomes easy to settle down

Getting the home essentials in order is the first step towards moving into a new place. Moreover, if you want to experiment with a few looks you can choose to rent furniture and see what looks best in your home. Once you are satisfied with the outlook of your home, you can finalize the furniture in your house and save on the money. There are even certain online shopping platforms with which you can check the decor of your home and order the supplies accordingly. You can even rent supplies like lamps, curtains along with regular furniture. Also, as the rent is quite low, it would be easier for you to spend your salary accordingly.

3. You can always exchange the furniture

Unless you have an interior designer who is renovating your rented apartment, you can settle for things that you buy in small quantities. However, in the long run, this might not work well as you might get have pieces that you might not like for a long time. Instead of this, you can choose to rent different furniture units that you might like, and in case they do not fit your space, you can send them back whenever you feel the need. Renting the furniture is ideal when you want to experiment with the looks of the furniture and try out something without investing too much money.

4. You can also replace the furniture

Every once in a while there comes a time when you want to renovate your house and change all the existing furniture in the home. But as you move on, you might forget the old designs of your home furniture and would want to go for more sophisticated designs as the time changes. Renting the furniture can save you from the guilt of changing the old furniture and keep the house decluttered. Moreover, you might find some great home interior designs that you can change time and again when you feel the need to do so.

5. You don’t have to worry about selling it later

If you have to buy furniture for just a few months that you would be living in then it is certainly a bad investment of money as you would need to pay for the transportation expenses when you plan to shift and also sell half of it as you cannot take the entire lot to the new house that you would be staying in. However, selling the furniture might not always be as smooth as you might have to think about the rent price and put the furniture on right selling price so that you earn some profit on it. Moreover, when you need more furniture, you can always rent out more. You do not even have to worry about going to asking your friends or acquaintances again and again about the services in the town as you can always check out the things online and find out what suits you the best.

Well, hope you are now aware of the reasons as to why it is best for the millennials to rent out furniture. If you too fall in the same category then go ahead and opt for the renting furniture as that would certainly be a better option in terms of finances and the objects in your house.

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How Entrepreneurship Can Solve the Youth Unemployment Crisis


If you’re a graduating senior this year, surely you’ve begun to study the job market and asses your prospects for employment once you’ve received your diploma. Entering the job market is a scary endeavor for young people as the unemployment rate for youth remains high even in developed countries.

However, it is impoverished countries that are hit the hardest by youth unemployment. Often, even when they do have a job, young people are not earning enough to live comfortably within their communities.

The International Labour Organization’s most recent study found that approximately 156-million (or 38%) of employed young people in developing countries are living at or below poverty level earning just $3.10 per day. Without a steady income, young people can be vulnerable to falling prey to the ways of crime and violence.

It’s in the best interest of the global business community and governments around the world to solve the youth unemployment crisis. Despite the problem being top of mind for global politicians and business leaders for decades, a permanent and sustainable solution has remained elusive.

The challenge remains to provide young people with the support and skills they need to pursue their dreams and turn them into reality.

Youth unemployment is the worst in the Middle East and Africa where unemployment rates for you are as high as 30%.

Silatech a leading NGO based in Qatar is helping to lower youth unemployment in the region. They believe resolving the youth unemployment problem requires collaborative efforts between the private and public sectors to create more jobs for youth and provide them with an education that enables them to graduate with the skills employers are looking for and need.

Entrepreneurs play a vital role in Silatech’s strategy to empower and employ youth. Silatech realizes that entrepreneurs with adequately funded startup enterprises create jobs in their communities. Supporting entrepreneurs in their efforts to grow their businesses has a direct and measurable impact on youth unemployment rates.

Silatech has shown a remarkable commitment over the last decade to support and empower job-creating youth startup enterprises across Africa and the Middle East. Silatech helps young entrepreneurs establish and sustain successful businesses by providing them with access to financing opportunities, business development training, mentorship, and access to new markets.

Silatech’s funding efforts for young entrepreneurs include reinforcing youth lending portfolios to increase youth access to finance, provision of training and mentorship services to entrepreneurs, as well as training of loan officers at financial institutions to better serve youths and cater to their needs, in addition to product design and the provision of technical assistance and training services to financial institutions to enable them to better develop and market their products and services to youth.

Sadly, the youth unemployment problem won’t be a quick and easy fix. It will require a range of solutions and a wide-reaching sustained effort. However, after I read a MarketWatch article about Silatech having created one-million jobs for youth in the areas of the world where youth unemployment is at its worst, I couldn’t help but wonder if they’re on to something big that can be used as a model for solving the global youth unemployment crisis?

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Top essential tips for mixing antique & modern furniture


Antique furniture has always been on trend. No matter which generation you are in and how modern your home is, a piece of antique furniture can add a lot to your home. When you blend this old furniture with new modern contemporary designs, they enhance the look of your home and speaks a lot about it. Any room with different style, texture or shape looks unique when such a piece is added to it. You should always try to add something in your home which seems unexpected and unique. You can try antique accessories from when the decor of the room is modern or even vice versa. Imagine a modern bench which is paired with an antique desk which belonged to your grandmother? Or some modern chairs with antique tables? They look so amazing that you need to try them out. The Bontempi furniture looks attractive as well. We are going to help you by giving you some tips to mix modern and antique furniture. 

1) Follow the 80/20 rule 

This rule works for all the time when you are looking for decorating your room. There should be a primary theme that you need to choose for your house and then the other one can be used for the accessories. It would be better to keep antique pieces as the supporting theme because you might not have so many of them. The 80% of the room which is the dominant theme should be the contemporary design, and then you can use the old accessories to your room. The vintage decor accessories also look pretty well like the leather items, document cases made of leather and even the desk blotters.  

2) Vintage textiles is a must 

If you have old decor, you need to have those textiles which were used earlier. The shag-pile area rugs, animal-printed carpet runners, or even the hand-knotted Persian carpet look exceptionally well with the modern office decor. Any contrast looks exceptionally lovely in your room, and also if you have an office which is colored with grey and all the industrial colors, a pop of color that will be added by the antique textiles would be great. The earth-toned fabrics match a lot with the modern them.  

3) Oversized antique items in small spaces 

Having an oversized antique accessory in your place takes away all the attention. Even if you have a smaller room and keep a huge old piece of thee, the size of the room will go unnoticed. If your dining table is not much spacious, you can always consider adding some saucer-shaped sofa from the old days or a desk made of oak or teak hardwood. Anything which is antique adds a sense of grandeur and always goes on point.  

4) Distribute the items in the room 

Don’t accumulate all the vintage accessories in one place and keep the other parts of the room modern. This looks uneven and unbalanced. When you are mixing the two, you need to ensure that you have spread out the vintage accessories evenly in the entire room. If you have two nightstands, make sure you place both of them in the opposite sites of the bed to make it look even. An antique nightstand looks excellent with modern day room decor, and you can try it out. However, there can be an exception if you want the entire attention to be concentrated in one part of the room. Like if you have an antique table and flower vase, you can keep both of them in the same place so that the center of attraction of the room is the table. 

5) Play with colors 

The more unexpected is your color combination, the better. When you are mixing different types of furniture, it is more about the contract. The antique furniture mostly have the natural wooden color and any other bright color will go well with it. Always mix up the color so that they look lovely in your room. When you are choosing your modern accessories or setting up the tone of the walls, always go for bold colors, because they contrast well with the antique furniture.   

6) Take care of the lighting 

If you have the room brightly colored, the better you will be able to display the contrast of the antique furniture with the modern decor. The pendant lighting looks great on an antique mirror as the light gets beautifully reflected. You can always have golden lights in the room because they look very bright and go well with wooden furniture.  

It is always great to experiment with new things. With the holiday season almost here, you need to have a look at your home and ensure that the decor is perfectly beautiful. Make sure that you keep your room organized, and then you can add the old features and give it a perfect contrast.

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Top ways to successfully implementing an effective supply chain management system


With the increase in business, a supply management chain system has become one of the most crucial and sophisticated things to handle. It is not easy to maintain business when it spreads globally, as products and services have to be made available to different places. There are a lot of activities which has to be managed under supply chain management like management of sources of supply and inventory, demand planning and forecasting, distribution planning, logistics, product and process flexibility, production, design for quality, and capacity planning. For an organization to do well, the supply management system has to be strong. It is a customer-driven market, and their satisfaction is of extreme importance and value. If the SCM is well managed then the efficiency of the business is going to improve, and it will provide with optimum results. You can look up to as it is an excellent Logistics Management System. We are going to talk about some ways which can help you to excel in the SCM system. 

1) Make a council for supply chain 

To make sure the business is working efficiently, and all functions are working correctly, you need to have an internal board who will lead the company and set the strategies. The supply chain strategy of your company has to match with the overall procedure which is followed by your organization. Both of these plans have to synchronize with each, and a governing body can make that happen. Also, ensure that the governing body that you are forming has people who will take the place of executive leaders and even the ones who will take care of the lower management so that there is no gap in communication.   

2) Have efficient staff in the supply chain 

If you want your organization to get maximum profits, you will have to staff skilled and capable people in the supply chain so that the entire effectiveness of the chain increases. There have to be various business units, and each of them has to be headed by a manager. All of these managers will form the centralized group and ensure that there is harmony between all the plans. The strategy has to be implemented efficiently. The interpersonal skills like communication and relationship with the staff should be good enough to maintain stability in the workplace.  

3) Analyze the areas which need special attention 

Your supply chain needs to be visible, and there should be a track of each step. The people working should be coordinated with each other to ensure that each the work is done correctly. Your team should select the proper software and technology to manage the supply chain as well. The processes need to be appropriately structured, and you should have a look at the operations which are not producing adequate results. There will be areas which would require more attention, and it has to be analyzed and then provided with software solutions to meet their demands. There are technologies which help in getting detailed information about the supply chain, so you can detect which areas need to be focused on. 

4) Maintain healthy relationships 

The communication between the seller and the buyer has to be good. MAintain a good relationship with them even after the deal is finalized because this opens the chances of further business. Always look for goals to improve services and give better performance. If there is some conflict, try to solve them.   

5) Consider the total cost of ownership 

You should always understand the total cost of consumption/ownership of any service or the product. Only 25-40% of the TCO is the cost of acquisition, and the rest of the amount is the warehousing, operating and transportation costs.   

6) Collaborate with source suppliers 

You need to have a good strategy to select the suppliers and collaborate with them. The supply chains are going to be successful if there are technological advancements, external and internal collaboration, and change management. You will have to engage the suppliers to make decisions as well. Their feedback is also crucial for internal business purposes, and when you go for collaborative strategic sourcing, you get better responses at even lesser prices. 

7) The supply chain takes care of the contract management 

The potential savings never come through because there is a lack of communication between your company and the supply chain. The contract is not followed through and to manage this; you should consider moving the contract management under the company’s supply chain.   

8) Have regular reviews 

The council you have selected for supply chain and the members of the leadership team should keep giving you reports about the policies which are incorporated by your company. For efficient functioning of the company and reducing the risk of frauds, thefts or any errors, there should be risk mitigation. The potential threats should be discovered and the financial impact it is going to have on the finance should also be estimated.  

These are few things which can help you to develop a successful supply chain. It is necessary to have an efficient one nowadays to improve business, and you should keep your logistics well planned to achieve so.

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Top outdoor theme party ideas with rattan outdoor furniture


With the Christmas and new year coming, the party season is almost here. But, how much are you ready to be a good host? Hosting a party might get very difficult at times, especially when you don’t maintain your house for the year long. But, you better get started because there is not much time left. You need to clean the mess, get new furniture or polish the old ones. Furniture is a must essential to make your home more attractive and welcoming. Your guests are going to invade your living room and outdoors very often, so you need to arrange seats for them so that they can enjoy their drink comfortably. The rattan furniture is the most durable ones in the market as of now. They are fancy and classy as well. You can find a wide range of designs in rattan furniture. You can keep them outdoors as well because they are resistant to harsh weather conditions. If you are willing to purchase rattan outdoor furniture, you need to see the collection of We are going to share with you some of the fantastic ideas that can help you to be the best host of the party.

1) Keep it all white for the morning

If you are throwing a party in the morning, you need to have white or any light colored furniture. They look extremely classy and go very well with the mood. There are great white-colored patio armchairs where your guests can relax and have fun as well. You can keep bright colored cushions to complement the white color. To make it look elegant, you can also add some dark colored carpet on the floor. Add a table so that you can keep snacks and other drinks over there. Also, keep a lot of greens and flowers to ensure that it doesn’t look dull. The armchairs can be very comforting, and your guests can have a good time. You can add some fairy lights on the top for further decoration.

2) Purchase big sofas

To make the environment more cozy and comfortable, keep big sofas and seating arrangement so that more people can be seated. Always go for the light colored patio furniture so that it suits when you are throwing a party in the morning. If it is in the evening, you can always add vibrant colored and dark patterns cushion to match with the style. You can have a teak wood table between the large-scale furniture so that the guests can keep their snacks and drinks. Add some plants covered in glass to add a little color. You can also hand a big lamp made of patio or wood from the top and ensure that it is of some deep color.

3) Pendant lights

There is a wide variety of furniture and decoration items which are made out of rattan. The newest collection is the woven rattan where you can keep pretty lights. You can hand them from the ceiling like standard lamps, and they look amazing. You can also have heavy timbers and logs in your outdoors because they look pretty amazing. The hanging rattan decoration lights look like a bird’s nest, and t is the perfect setup both for morning and evening parties. You can hang up LED lights and small birds cut from a paper in a ribbon to give it an elegant vibe.

4) Cane lounge

What is a party without a comfortable cane lounge? Your guests can comfortably sit on them after a tumultuous journey or after dancing at the party. You can go for a dark colored couch with white or light pastel colored cushions on them to complement the style. Never forget to add some greens like money plant to make it look classy. You can find a lot of trendy cushions with metallic patterns which will go well with the lounge.

5) Rattan swings

Swings are one the favorite picks in the rattan furniture because they look extremely well. If you don’t want to sit among a lot of crowds and want some space alone, you can use the swing and relax there. A light shade swing could be paired with some white cushions with dots or stripes on it. You can also add some lights on the top of the swing to make it more attractive.

6) Sun loungers

Yes, it has to be there near your swimming pool or in the backyard. The rattan sun loungers can be a perfect idea because good quality rattan is resistible to the sun and water as well. You can put some cushions on it, and your guests are going to love it. It will be almost like celebrating a beach holiday. This is one item which they will not find in most of the places, and you can surprise them with this.

These are the few ideas which can help you to organize a great party. Rattan furniture is very durable and not that expensive as well, so it is a good option to get them for your outdoors.

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