Top Job Opportunities In Saudi Arabia


With the increasing population, securing a job has become very difficult. Along with the growing population, there has also been a remarkable decrease in the number of jobs to secure your career. Due to new technologies, most of the jobs are being replaced by the machines. Saudi Arabia is one of the most populated areas, and it also provides with a lot of jobs. It is one of the favorite destinations of the people seeking jobs. There has been a massive increase in the number of oil revenues in the GCC which has led to the rise in some jobs in Saudi Arabia. Many of freshers look forward to settling in Saudi Arabia and make their career in this Gulf region. It is one of the most developed places in the world and has served as one of the best sites which recruits people in the Middle East. There are a lot of IT jobs, advertising or even marketing jobs. Let us look at some of the best jobs which can help you to earn a ton of money in the Gulf region.

1. Petroleum or Reservoir Engineers

Would you love to earn $80,000? The job mainly requires monitoring and analyzing the tests and maintaining the production curves. There are calculations which have to perform on the data sets. There are data on fluid levels, data set, decline curves, and bottom-hole pressures which have to be maintained and analyzed to ensure the utilization of equipment and efficient production of the company. There is fracture stimulation which has to be designed. There are various aspects of new completions which have to be coordinated. You will have to work with the original team to plan new designs and conduct field studies.

2. Business Industry

$33,021 is quite a good salary. This is the average scale of CEO of multinational companies. Just not MNCs, the local companies pay a lot as well to their CEOs. You can also apply for being a COO or Chief Operating Officer who reports directly to the CEO and the CFO. You will be responsible for taking care of the operational management and establish the educational background of the company. You will need to take care of the future growth and effective functioning of the company. You will have to develop the strategy and present it to the departmental heads and the stakeholders to implement it. The minimum eligibility required are :

  1. i) Master Degree in the subject in which you will be given responsibility.
  2. ii) You need to have a degree in Commerce, business, Education or Accountancy.

iii) You need to be experienced to make strategies and manage the new changes in the company.

  1. iv) You should be able to speak, write fluently in English or also in Arabic preferably.

3. Medical Jobs There are a lot of medical jobs which are available in Saudi Arabia. It even pays you well up to $29,000. You can be a registered nurse, medical retina ophthalmologist or even a coder who will maintain the medical records.

4. IT Support Engineer

There is a lot of demand for the motivated, talented and hardworking IT support engineers. The industry-leading centers need sharp minded engineers who can work on IT infrastructure and system support. Engineers are required to work on software, hardware, server capabilities. There are many on-site as well as on-call opportunities which are available. The fellow engineers work with the broader teams to perform operations which will help in the implementation and maintenance of the critical infrastructure of the IT company. You need to have a bachelor’s degree. You need to ensure that the foundation of the company is well maintained and all the equipment is giving optimum output. You need to supervise and manage the day to day activities and take care of improvement.

5. Construction and Project Manager

A pay scale of $11,900 is good enough. You will be bestowed with responsibilities to manage and direct the project which will be assigned to you. You need to ensure that the project is completed within the given time and budget. It should be satisfactory to the Client, and the contractual obligations are to be maintained. The plan should satisfy the needs of the Client or Company with which the contract was made. You will have to manage the financial, administrative and technical functions of the company. Make sure you have full proof strategies and plans. You are supposed to maintain the coordination between the staff of the companies and  Department Senior Management. You also need to check the progress of the assigned project and provide the status regularly to the client and Division Management. The project history should also be maintained in a Chronological file. You can also modify the execution plan to benefit the company.

We have discussed the top jobs which you can pursue in Saudi Arabia. Make sure you apply to them depending upon your interest and eligibility. Hard work and motivation is the key to success.

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How can You Repair Bad Credit? Take Some Pro Tips!


Earning a good credit score can give you several advantages that you might not have imagined and on its contrary, a bad credit can make it harder for you to get loans at feasible interest rate and might even get you into issues that would make it harder for you to manage your accounts. If you are aiming for “my credit focus” and want to get some professional tips on improving your credit score, then here are a few of them that you can consider:

1. Pay your bills twice a month.

There are several creditors who report the balances once in a month to the bureaus that manage their credited amount. Even when you pay from your card every month, you need to pay off large balances which might appear that you are overusing your credit. Consider a case where you might be using your rewards card to pay for all that you purchase and then max it out every month. Even when you would be paying for the complete bill, the agency would send you a report that indicates the maximum use of your credit which would eventually decrease your credit score.

To avoid such an issue, you can split your credit card payment and pay your balances for twice every month that would help to keep the running balance down. Also, if you wish to make a bigger purchase, you must rather pay it off in cash.

2. Become an authoriser

If you wish to become an authorised user, you would need to manage your expenses efficiently and for that, you can take help of a trusted person who can add you onto their account and get the card issued in your name. However, with this, you should not hold any intention to make use of this credit card and ask the person to help you improve your credit score.

When you become an authorised user, the account would immediately show up on your credit score and the utilisation rate along with the on-time payments that are associated with the account. This would help in increasing your credit score to a great extent.

3. Reduce the amount you owe.

The easiest way to improve your credit score is to reduce the amount that you owe. It is estimated that at least 30% of your credit score is determined with the amount that you owe. And in that case, maintaining your finances would make it easier for you to reduce the amount that you owe and work on the missed payment history.

By paying twice every month and reducing the total amount that you owe would bring up 65% of your credit score.

4. Open credit accounts with a strategic planning

When you apply for credit, an inquiry is made on your report that affects your credit score. The more number of times you would apply for the credit, your score would be deducted accordingly. In such a case, if you open a new account within six months of having low credit limit on other accounts then your credit score would improve.  This would work as opening a new credit account would increase your credit limit which if you do not increase your spending habits would decrease your rate of utilising it. You can connect with your current credit providers to manage this task efficiently.

5. Make use of different types of credit

You can use different credit types such as personal loans from credit unions and instalments loans for purchasing household items such as furniture. This would help in maintaining your cards well and show your ability to pay the bills based on different types of credit. Once you start managing the loans and payments effectively, the credit bureau would recognise you as a good borrower and would supplement your credit score.

6. Pay your bills on time

At most 35% of your credit score is determined on the basis of your ability to manage your bills on time. The payment that might have gotten late might impact the credit score significantly and if these are made on time, your score would eventually improve. But the entire process might test your patience as you would need to wait for a few months to witness the effect.

7. Look out for errors and discrepancies

You must be able to examine the credit report clearly and focus on the accounts that suggest about late payments or bills that are unpaid. Also, in case you find an inaccuracy in your account, you can report them to the agency so that you get the right assistance in such a circumstance and do a proper investigation if your claim is substantial.

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Why is kiln dried firewood worth some extra penny?


The tree which is cut down immediately and not dried is too “green” to be burnt and used for firewood purposes. The Greenwood is not suited for burning as it produces a lot of smoke and pop due to the high moisture content in it. The moisture was trapped inside the tree when it was alive. The newly cut tree has to be split into woods and stacked. These stacked logs are dried out somewhere from about six months to a year. But, it takes a lot of time to get it dried by this natural process and hence, it can be dried in the kiln which works like an oven. The internal temperature of the kiln has to be around 140 to 160 degrees. The wood needs to be burnt for about 75 minutes.

After drying the firewood in the kiln, the moisture content reduces by 10 percent to 20 percent. It also helps in killing the fungus, bugs and prevent mildew and mold from growing inside the woods. You can order best quality kiln dried firewood from

Benefits of Using Kiln Dried Firewood


One of the most definite advantages to using kiln dried firewood over traditionally dried firewood is time. The kiln dried wood is burnt at higher temperatures of about 140 degrees which ensures faster drying compared to the traditional methods. Wood, if given to dry naturally, it will take about six months to 8 years depending upon the quality of the wood. The kiln dried wood takes two hours or so, and you are good to go.

  Healthy Wood

One of the most significant problems that appear in the traditional dried wood is it becomes unhealthy after a certain period. The pathogens somehow penetrate the trees and damages the interior structure of the wood and make it unhealthy and further unusable. In the natural drying process, the pathogens are not killed, and the wood is not safe to be used. When the wood is dried in a kiln, the pathogens are killed as they are unable to sustain the high temperatures. People living in areas where trees are most prone to pathogen attack should look for kiln dried firewood, as it is safe to be used.

  Burns for Longer Time

For the ones who use wood-burning stoves, time is an essential factor. If the wood keeps burning for a more extended period, it will produce more heat. Also, there will be fewer efforts that have to take to reignite the new woods. The traditionally seasoned woods don’t burn for a longer time as compared to kiln dried ones. At cold places, people always go for kiln dried woods. This is because even if one log is ignited before going to bed, it keeps burning for the entire night and keeps the place warm. The kiln dried woods come at a higher price, but you also end up saving a lot of money by buying lesser woods. If you purchase traditionally seasoned woods, you will have to buy more woods and end up spending more.

  Less Smoke

When Greenwood is burnt, a lot of smoke comes up due to the hidden moisture in it. It becomes unhygienic as well as dangerous to the stove, too as it can catch fire. This is why it becomes essential to choose the right kind of dried woods. The kiln dried woods are dried at higher temperatures and at a faster rate, owing to which the moisture content reduces drastically. The furnace dried woods have only 8% of moisture due to which there is almost no smoke.

  Intense Heat

It is evident if the wood has more moisture content in it, it is going to end up producing less heat in the wood-burning stoves. For reaching the optimum operating temperature and giving the maximum efficiency, it is vital that there is oxygen supply in the furnace via its ventilation system and the wood should be dried in the kiln so that there is less moisture content. The kiln dried woods are very dry, and hence it can be burnt at higher temperatures. It can produce more heat even in less number of woods which results in a warm temperature.


You wouldn’t like to run out of firewoods in the winter. When it is freezing, you would instead feel comfortable in the warm temperature than trying to fetch traditional seasoned woods. These woods are not mostly available during the winters as it is dried naturally and during winters there is almost no heat outside. The kiln dried woods are readily available at nearly all local stores. The stores also increase their production and keep more products in stock during winters as the traditionally dried ones are not much available.

There are a lot of advantages of kiln dried woods. Although it is a little costly, you also don’t need much in quantity as it lasts longer.

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