Tips to pack your furniture for the moving day


Moving out can be immensely stressful. With lots going around everywhere in your house, it is a daunting task to keep track of all the items in their secure places. One of the most difficult aspects of packing away the items on the moving day is to start with the heavy furniture of the house. There is no denying the fact that packing away furniture turns out to be the most stressful and laborious tasks of all times. However, with the presence of the right packing materials and help, you can do this complicated task like a pro.

Furniture packing is vital due to the aesthetic purposes of the items involved. You definitely do not wish the furniture of your house to get damaged or scratched during transit. As such, it is imperative for you to ensure that you pack away the important furniture of the house diligently and with utmost care. If this is your moving day already and you need to pack the furniture, here are some pro tips from the experts that will help. Have a read:

Coming Up with the Effective Furniture Moving Strategy

If you wish to ensure a seamless and hassle-free moving experience, you must plan out everything in advance. As the furniture items tend to be too heavy to move around easily, here are some tips that you must consider while preparing them for the packing stage:

  • Develop an Inventory of the Items: Note down all the possible types of furniture items you have in your home. Mark out their respective current condition and sort away the unwanted, damaged items. When you have the final list of the furniture items that you wish to take along, you can decide over the particular type of packing material you require and how to pack each one of them.
  • Measure the Furniture: For ensuring a smooth moving, measure the furniture pieces individually. The furniture must be able to access across your home or apartment to be moved properly. If you are unsure of making the moving on your own, you can ask for professional help.
  • Collect the Right Packing Materials: Once you have analyzed the right type of packing essentials you require, you must obtain the same and start away with the packing process. Ensure the best packing of the furniture items to prevent any damage during transit.

Preparing the Furniture for Moving

If you wish to make the relocation process easy and safe, it is important to prepare your furniture for a hassle-free moving. Here are some ways:

  • Disassemble the Furniture: If there are detachable parts in the furniture items, remove them and keep them intact separately. This will reduce the overall size and weight of the particular furniture piece and will make it easier to move around. While disassembling the furniture items, try to follow the instructions properly.
  • Clean the Pieces that You will Relocate: Once you have disassembled the different pieces of a single furniture item, you can begin with cleaning the same. This will save you the trouble of cleaning them all over again in your new home or setup. Once cleaned thoroughly, pack the different pieces of the furniture items properly with the use of cardboard boxes and secure bubble wraps. You must also not forget labeling the different pieces of the furniture such that it is no trouble for you while assembling the furniture pieces all over again.

Packing the Furniture for Shipping

Most probably, your furniture is going to be the largest item consuming a major portion of the transportation truck. When you wish to ship the furniture of your home to the storage units Glen Ellyn for temporary safe-keeping, it is vital that you must pack the items properly to prevent any damage during the transit.

As long as you take care of the proper packing strategies, you can be satisfied that all the different parts of the furniture items are delivered securely and intact at the destination. Here are some professional packing tips:

  • Make use of the bubble wrap packaging for protecting the protruding or delicate parts of the furniture.
  • Wrap the entire furniture piece in heavy blankets or other spare, yet clean & soft fabric materials for ensuring the overall protection of the items.
  • Put cloth or paper padding in the hollow spaces between two furniture sets or parts. This will ensure additional protection for your items during transportation.
  • Tape around large pieces of corrugated cardboard all around the furniture pieces.
  • Cover the fragile glass surface of the furniture including tabletops, mirrors, showcases, and so more. Cover them up with flat cardboard pieces and wrap around bubble wraps & packing paper.

Make sure that you pack the furniture securely during transit to the storage units Glen Ellyn!

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How to layer your necklace like a fashion blogger?


The necklace is one of the most essential pieces of jewelry that looks great with any outfit and certainly quirkes up the style quotient if worn properly. The fashion of layering necklaces is completely in trend right now and you too should experiment with the same if you already have not done that. In case you are looking for beautiful and latest necklace designs, then check out where you would get to browse from a wide variety of options and select the one that would be best for you. Furthermore, here are some of the ways in which you can layer the necklace pieces just like a fashion blogger:

1. Body chain with necklace

Body chains are one of those types of jewelry that have a bold and stylish look. If you are someone who is not sure about wearing them in a certain way or an outgoing one who loves to experiment, give them a try anyhow. These are easy to style and look quite fashionable when you wear them with your outfit. Try this necklace with V-necks, crop top, and dresses that you wear during a dine out.

2. Minimalist choker and dainty necklace

Combining these two elements would give a chic and minimalist look and you can don them for a cool and easy appearance. Although these look simplistic but given a classic appearance when they are paired with the choker.

3. Pendant necklaces

If you would be wearing sweaters or knitted dresses, then it would be best to wear pendant necklaces that give a delicate, stylish and modern look. As it is evident that you cannot wear revealing jewelry during the winter months, it would be better that you try out this piece to add a touch of quirk. These layered necklaces look best on cardigans and V-neck sweaters and can be worn in golden or silver colors. As the pendants are available in a variety of designs, these can be picked up according to your taste and styling.

4. Lariat necklaces

Lariat necklaces are a versatile piece of jewelry that can be worn with almost every outfit. They are discreet and chic all at the same time and can be paired with the choker or a dainty necklace to add a fashionable element. Moreover, as they are currently in the trend, you should definitely own them for a full-layering effect. These look perfect with the V-neck tops however you can don them with any outfit.

5. Long layered necklace

Long layered necklaces look great with an open back top and provide a creative, artsy, and feminine look that look extremely beautiful. You can use these necklaces with single and layered necklaces and can pull off the style with almost every kind of dress including casual wears, night-out outfits, wedding dresses and many more.

6. Detailed necklaces

The detailed and bold necklaces add up to the quirk if you are wearing one-toned t-shirts or dresses. These particular designs give a daring style to the outfit that you can choose to wear and would make you stand out in the fashion scene.  If you are not used to wearing such pieces, you might find them a bit tacky, but they would certainly work well if you wear them properly with the right outfit. Pick up the colors of the necklaces that go well with your outfit and you would be good to go.

7. Pearl pendants

A layered pearl necklace looks great if you want to get the classic look in your outfit. You can either choose the bigger and bold layers of pearls over a black dress or the lighter ones if you are going with a more casual outfit.  This particular style is usually worn during special occasions such as when you are going for an opera show or a more formal event.

8. Beaded layered necklaces

If you are headed out for a rather chilled out holiday and want to maintain the quirk quotient, then you should definitely try these beaded necklaces for boho look. Pick up different coloured pieces with details such as pompoms or feather and layer them together in three or four numbers to complete the look.

9. Old and new mix

If you have old pieces lying around in your house, then you can combine them with the new ones to bring out something new altogether. Layer up two or three pieces together in different lengths and you can wear them on V-neck tops and tank tops to spice up your outfit.  You can even wear a choker with these pieces and make out an entirely new piece that would go well with your western outfit.

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Benefits of laser tattoo removal



The laser technique is used to remove tattoos and the process involved in it is used to break up the pigment colors with the help of a high-intensity light beam. Usually, the tattoos are made in black ink, and during the laser treatment, this pigment absorbs all laser wavelengths which makes it easier to remove it from the skin. Other colors that are used in the tattoo are treated by selected lasers which are based on the pigment color. If you are looking for the laser treatment from professionals, visit Fresh Start Laser Tattoo Removal Clinic to learn about their exclusive services.

It is advisable that you schedule an appointment with a trained tattoo maker who also knows the removing techniques so that he/she can give you the right guidance on this matter. Laser treatment is only recommended if your tattoo and skin type fall under a certain category. Moreover, the technique that needs to be used also depends on your skin type and the depth of the tattoo pigment.

During the laser tattoo removal session, you might have to go through the following things:

  • You would be given a pair of shields to protect your eyes against the laser.
  • Your skin will be tested by the technician to see its reaction towards laser and to check out for the most effective energy for treatment.
  • The professional would pass the laser of intense lightning through the upper layers of your skin so that the tattoo pigment absorbs it completely. On one hand, where smaller tattoos require fewer such pulses, the larger ones would need more on them. In both these cases, your tattoo would get removed entirely thus leaving your skin clean.
  • You would be asked to visit the technician quite a few times during the treatment, and each time the visibility of the tattoo would become lighter.

When it comes to the benefits of laser tattoo removal, here are a few of them that would convince you to take up this option:

  • No scarring marks on the skin

The laser light is designed in such a manner that it only leaves healthy skin cells and discards the dead ones from your body. This reduces the chances of the skin getting scarred as compared to the traditional methods of tattoo removal which require the sanding of the skin. There is surely no visible sign of scar on your skin if you go with the laser removal technique rather than the traditional methods which have risks associated with them.

  • Effective fading and removal of tattoos

Laser technique makes it easier to diminish the appearance of the tattoos and makes them lighter instantly with no side effects which might ensue in case of other methods.

  • Takes minimum time to get recovered

Once you are done with the laser treatment, you would need to protect your skin from direct exposure to the sun for a few days. There might even be redness or tenderness for quite some time but that would eventually go away.

  • Removing tattoos in specific areas or even the entire body

The best part about the laser tattoo removal is that you can remove them from the specific areas or even the entire body if you have full-body tattoos and there is hardly any lasting pain if you opt for this method.

  • It ensures safety

There are hardly any side effects associated with the laser tattoo removal and your chances of getting an infection are minimal. The entire treatment process is a comfortable experience, and you would not face many issues during this time. There might be a little irritation, but that goes away soon enough.

  • It helps in permanent removal of the tattoo

The biggest benefit of the laser removal technique is that you can get rid of the unwanted tattoo permanently without any skin issues and get the clean skin back.

  • Laser treatment can be used for other skin issues as well

Apart from the tattoo removal, the laser treatment also works against pigmentation on the skin and helps in acne removal thus leaving your skin rejuvenated.

Just so that you do not get an infection after the treatment, it is necessary that you follow the advice of an expert and take all the required measures to keep your skin protected. Also, if you happen to go for cosmetic tattoos for eyebrows and lips liners, these might become darker right after the treatment but with subsequent sessions would get back to being lighter. Overall, it depends on your personal choice whether you want the laser treatment or not.

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WhatsApp vs WeChat: Rivalry of Two Messengers


WhatsApp Messenger has became one of the most popular applications on the world. Many users are using the app on both iOS and Android. You will find a exploration of the application in this review. You can download the application from Google Play Store. WeChat is also another good application and gained popularity in Asia, Europe and North America countries recently. They both providing good features. I will investigate rivalry of two messengers on WhatsApp vs WeChat for you.

WhatsApp Messenger Status in China

However WhatsApp calls has been blocked on some countries due to all these features annoyed some GSM operators. The worst new for the app was the blockage in China due to political issues. I think their rivalry with WeChat one of those reasons too. This block has took place when the app started to have an important marketing share in China. China has made similar decisions for some worldwide apps and websites before. Similar decisions as they have done to WhatsApp Messenger. Chinese governors have blocked all Google Services a few years go. Google has tried the find solution with the governors but unfortunately they couldn’t resolve their issue for years. China would like their users to focus on their local websites/products/applications more than international ones. They didn’t want Google to have huge part of internet marketing in their country. So they have supported to Baidu with the ban of Google from China. The same story has happened rivalry between RenRen and Facebook rivalry and we see another same story in WeChat and WhatsApp rivalry recently.

WhatsApp vs WeChat: Calling & Messaging Features

You will able to make calls, video calls and send audio messages through WhatsApp and Wechat. You won’t need to pay for it at all. Both apps are providing their users to call someone who is living overseas. There will be only data spend for you. You won’t need make a payment for something else. I think it is not hard to figure out. Both applications are providing same features for their users. All these features are free and easy to use. However voice quality and video quality of WhatsApp is much better than opposite side at the moment. Developers should make some improvements with the app and fix bugs.

WhatsApp vs WeChat: Online Payment

Making payments online can create trouble for us. There are lots of bad stories on internet about that. Messenger applications has started to provide easy payment options to us recently with WeChat Wallet release. Unfortunately WhatsApp doesn’t want to go more further than being a messenger app. There are many users who are using WeChat because of the wallet application. Many companies and online shopping websites are allowing their users to shop through Wallet feature at the moment.

WhatsApp vs WeChat: Making New Friends & Talk to Strangers

Making new friends and talk to strangers can be a little bit annoying for those who doesn’t want to chat with unknown people. However most of people request that. When you check Google Search, there are full of questions about how to make friends through messenger apps like Facebook Messenger, Line, Viber, etc. WeChat is providing this feature with shake and nearby features. When you shake your phone, you can meet with a person from a random country and you can’t talk to him/her directly without the permission. You are meeting only with people who are looking for a friend. This make things good for the app. You can also make new friends with nearby chat feature of the app and talk people who are close to you. It seems WeChat is winner of this feature too because WhatsApp has no feature like this.

WhatsApp vs WeChat: Registration

Registration process can be a serious trouble. Thanks to Chinese application, we figured out that because lots of people cannot manage to get into application. I believe that this is happening incompatibility issues with GSM operators and some other facts. The app has problems with security check-in, verification code process at the moment. WhatsApp one of the most easy applications to register. You will be all set in two minutes with the registration instructions of the application.

WhatsApp vs WeChat: Usability

Unfortunately WeChat is problematic with the usability of the application. There can be many problems through usage of the app. If you don’t use the app for sometime, your account can be blocked because of inactivity. Your account can be blocked without any reason. The app can request you to friend verification all of sudden. You can face with many strange stuff like this. WhatsApp is much easier for usability manner. You are not going to have any problem unless you don’t spam and violate rights of someone or a company. However once you have banned from the app, it will be almost impossible to recover your phone number.

WhatsApp vs WeChat: Bugs

WhatsApp is rarely get reports because of bugs. If they even get bug reports these are generally related with older version of Android or iOS. Unlike Facebook Messenger, the app is working perfectly for most of the users and people are glad to have them in their phone. WeChat has some serious issues with bugs and there are too much reports from both Android and iOS users. The main issue about the app is account verification at the moment. People are not receiving verification codes or their codes don’t work on the app. The other serious problem is also in registration process. Many people couldn’t pass Security Check-in process on the application which is very annoying. Friend verification problem is not a bug but I believe it is bug-like and gives lots of troubles to people. Especially for those who are using application for business purposes. Nearby feature is not also working for many people. There are also problems with many other tools of the app. We believe WhatsApp is much better in WhatsApp vs WeChat: Bugs comparison.

WhatsApp vs WeChat: Result

WeChat has many good features but unfortunately, they hardly allow their users to use this nice features. You can get blocked without a reason and you may need to find a friend to verify your account. You will use some nice tools with bugs or you will not able to use them at all. It seems WhatsApp a bit better with the functionality. I believe both applications are very good but WeChat has many things to fix and improve. Source:

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